Join Maggi Reese and her friend, Maple, as they spend their last day of freedom before beginning their 13 year enslavement to what is known by many as "school" Throughout the day, they attempt to teach their toys manners, host a tea party, save some lives, and clean a few messes.

Will events beyond Maggi's control shake the lives of the entire Reese family and even bring Maggi one step closer to becoming a hero?

Magna Girl is a comic created by DrawingWiffWaffles.
If you haven't, check out her youtube channel full of speedpaints of your favorite characters, tutorials, and all sorts of art challenges. There is fresh content every Friday


I've uploaded a backup until we can get the other site working for a few people on iphones and ipads: Hope that works!

Magna Girl is a graphic novel that will take the artist an age and a half to finish. Please be patient. In the meantime check out the finished (and the not-so-much) issue below:
iss1 iss2