MAGNOLIA "MAGGI" ELLEN REESE The five-year-old daughter of Trevor and Holly Reese. It is her first year at school. She is very proud to tell anyone who asks,and even those who don't, that she is fully potty-trained and a "big girl." Her favorite toys are her GeeGee dolls, GeeGee and her Boyfriend. She trys her best to keep them out of trouble, but it isn't an easy task.

HOLLY ELIZABETH REESE Maggi's mother and a new fashion and lifestyle blogger. She married Trevor when she was only 22 and gave birth to Maggi a year later. Overwhelmed, she and Trevor took a break from growing their family. Her parenting skills may not be on par with the national average, but she does her best to trick Maggi into helping around the house.

TREVOR DONN REESE Maggi's father. As a teenager, he spent his spare time pushing the boundries of private property. His jouvenile tomfoolery eventually landed him a well-paying and confidential job at the Arlene Research Organization (ARO). After acquiring the job, he married his girlfriend, Holly, at the age of 24.

KIERAN REESE Maggi's eldest cousin. Son of Sharon and Colin Reese. Colin is Trevor's older brother. Maggi doesn't know much about Kieran, since he keeps to himself as much as he can. He is 11 years older than Maggi and would really prefer it if she left him alone.


Misc. Characters


MAPLE BAUME Daughter of Racheal, older sister to Aspen. Maple is four years old and likes when things go her way and when they are her idea. She looks up to Maggi, but even her respect for Maggi can't help her when she is in the middle of a tantrum.

RACHEAL BAUME Holly Reese's family friend, childhood next-door neighbor, and best-friend since-forever. She is mother to Maple and Aspen.

ASPEN BAUME Son of Racheal, little brother of Maple. Chaos startles him. Impending doom excites him.


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